Data Center Solution
Data center is the engine that powers organization’s entire business process. To keep it running at peak performance with reliability, we at Embedded Automation build a unique support plan to meet your data center needs.
Whether you have a global IT department or a limited staff, we can help you save money and optimize your complex IT environment. We render the following services at Data Center level:
  • Options to remotely monitor and manage your data center
  • Remote and on-site support for specialized hardware and applications
  • Data and asset protection services
  • Comprehensive support for data center software, including configuration, deployment, patches, updates and new version upgrades
  • Incident-based third-party software troubleshooting for data center and end-user applications, OS and firmware
  • Collaborative support with third-party vendors for data center and end-user applications
  • Training for your IT staffers
  • Direct access to highly trained experts who provide enterprise-level, tech-to-tech support
  • Data Center Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing Services
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