Power Conditioning Device
We offer the complete integrated solution for Power Conditioning system comprising of the following:
  • On-line UPS system
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Earthing Distribution system
  • Power Distribution System

On-load tap changing & basic transformer monitoring

This product is for on-load tap changing & basic transformer monitoring. Due to it’s benefits over the existing RTCC panel, it’s being opted by major power utilities like, Relience Energy, PGCIL, Maharastra Electricity Board in India apart from other worldwide leading organizations etc.

Online Dissolved Gas analyzer (DGA)

Dissolved Gas analyzer (DGA) are mounted over the sampling valve of the transformer to give accurate measure of various faulty gases like Co, H2,H2O etc in a span of every 10 min

On line Bushing Monitoring System

It has long been recognized that bushing failures represent a large, if not the greatest, source of transformer and breaker failures. The bushings are of the greatest concern for those greater than 25kV, which are of the condenser or capacitive type.

Power Quality Analyzer

In industry, healthcare, and business in fact wherever electrical and electronic equipment is indispensable power quality plays a critical role in maintaining continuity. Non-linear loads, switching, load changes and equipment problems can result in poor power quality.

Disturbance Recorder

It works as a fault recorder and, as a network quality monitor, evaluates voltage quality as a continuously recording measuring device in accordance with the applicable standards.

Collapse Prediction Relay Detector (CPRD)

preventing power system collapses is very important for the economic prosperity of regions all over the world and therefore the ultimate objective of each system operator is to do Power System Stability Monitoring.
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